The End of the Year is Near

The End of the Year is Near
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Updated 12/25/21.

It is that time again. The time when the end of the year is near and we reflect on accomplishments. How many of us can say we accomplished everything we set out to in 2021? If you are one of the lucky few that hit your 2021 goals, my congratulations to you. If you didn’t reach all of your goals, don’t fret. There’s always 2022.

Goal Setting

What is life without setting goals?  Businesses set goals.  We all set goals at one time or another.  It could be a goal as simple as finishing an entire pizza in one sitting.  Or maybe getting at least eight hours of sleep every day.  A goal is the desired result.

Goals vary in intensity.  Some say to set attainable goals while others forecast unattainable goals.  It all depends on how much effort is put into reaching these goals.  With the right amount of effort and hoping the universe rules in your favor, you just might reach what some may consider unattainable goals.

Goals are very important in business and in your personal life.  You must have a purpose.  What is your contribution to existence?  What do you want to achieve?  Think about your desires and set the goals to obtain them.

Frame your path for the new year.

The End of the Year is Near
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What is life without reflection?  Everyone reflects.  Some think about the bad while others think about the good.

Looking back is essential to moving forward.  You look back at what was possibly done incorrectly and work to not repeat the action.  If you do not do this, you end up repeating the same mistakes.

It is like when a person has a string of bad relationships.  This person thinks they are unlucky in love.  Perhaps.  However, if this person looks back at each relationship and just think about the relationship.  This seeming unlucky person may notice a pattern.  Discovering this pattern allows this person to change the pattern and hopefully, a loving relationship is around the corner.

Turn your reflection into future action.


With goal setting and reflection comes acceptance.  You accept your victories and acknowledge your defeats.  It is a part of this thing called life.

Life has its ups and downs.  It is important not to let life get you down.  So you did not reach your goals and are full of regret.  You will be just fine.  Don’t let defeat consume you.  If you do, it will cause heartache and pain.

Accept that you are human and imperfect.  There is no one perfect on this earth.  I know it seems like they are some people, who appear flawless.  Believe me, if you were with them 24×7, you would really see their flaws or perhaps annoyances.  Some people know how to persist despite their shortcomings.  They believe in not letting others see their flaws.

Having a sense of who you are and what you desire is an important part of acceptance.

You must define who you are as a person.  Attempting to compare yourself to others will sometimes cause you undue stress.  It is okay to adopt some of their qualities to be a better you.  However, make sure you retain the essence of yourself.  Stay true to your core being.  If you don’t, you will lose yourself and become unrecognizable to others, including yourself.  You will be acting instead of being genuine.

Accept the past and look toward the future.

The End of the Year is Near
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Looking Beyond Yourself

While reflecting on 2021, we must look beyond ourselves.  What did we contribute to society as a whole?

The world is a huge place with all types of people from different backgrounds and beliefs.  When you lived your life in 2021, did you think about your fellow man?  Did you open a door for someone?  Contribute to a worthy cause?  Say some kind words to a stranger?  Or did you anonymously attack someone on social media?

It is easy to live in a bubble.  We are all entitled to our beliefs.  Assuming something is true does not make it true.  Respecting others’ feelings and space is important to peaceful living in this world.

There is a lot of undesirable acts being committed on a daily basis. We must make sure we are not contributing to these undesirable acts.  Imagining yourself in another’s shoes can go a long way into co-existing with others.

If an undesirable thought about another crosses your mind, chase it away.  Embrace positive thoughts and be a positive person.  Look beyond what you know and learn about those things you do not know.  You may be surprised at what you learn.

Ushering in 2022

The reality is the new year is coming whether you want it to or not.

If you have a list of resolutions for 2022, get pumped to achieve them.  Remember, many abandon their resolutions by mid-year.  You are confident this will not be your fate.  Keep your resolutions attainable and your spirits high.  You can always adjust them up or down.  They are your resolutions.

Celebrate the good and say goodbye to the bad of 2021.  2022 is going to be a fresh new year for you to continue your dream.

Happy New Year!