Dealing with the Consequences of Speaking Your Mind

Dealing with the Consequences of Speaking Your Mind
Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels

Gone are the days of speaking your mind without concern for backlash. We’re in the times of cancel culture.

Technology provides the means to get your words and actions out to the masses. Whatever awful thoughts that swim in your head should drown immediately. Because once you release them, there’s no retraction that’ll suit everyone’s satisfaction.

Social media provides a forum for people to become keyboard gangsters. The temptation to purge your innermost thoughts is only a keystroke away. Some people are so empty inside that this power gives them the strength to fill their lives with chaos.

The effects of their words or actions sometimes force them to make a “fake” apology because it affected their livelihood or reputation. However, what they accomplished was exposing to others who they are on the inside.

Failure to Exercise Tact When Speaking Your Mind

From celebrities to everyday people, there’s an increasing failure to use tact. Rational human beings understand the concept of right and wrong. Unfortunately, today’s world contains people with undiagnosed personality disorders.

Narcissists lack the ability to use tact because they’re full of themselves. Usually, they can dish the mean but can’t take the mean. When others call them out, they cry gallons of crocodile tears. And they expect everyone to sympathize with their pain. However, what they need is a good dose of psychotherapy.

Recognizing Your First Amendment Right

Speaking your mind is exercising your First Amendment right. However, with every right comes responsibility. For instance, you may have a right to bear arms but you don’t have a right to go around killing people at will. When you do that, the law will remove your right and hopefully put you away behind bars for a long time.

Handling the Right to Speak Your Mind

Before you speak, you should consider your thoughts. Is what you thinking something you’d want someone to say about you? If it’s not, then maybe you shouldn’t say them or type them onto social media. However, if you’re a thick-skinned warrior and don’t mind battling the backlash, then spew all the nasty that you can spew. Believe me, other thick-skinned warriors crave for the challenge to overpower you.

Monitoring your words and your actions are great ways to protect your mental health, your livelihood, and your reputation. Negative words and actions chip away at your psyche. Protect your mind and respect others’ feelings while expressing yourself. Not every thought needs to spoken or acted upon.