Dealing with a Lost Opportunity

Poem: Dealing with a Lost Opportunity

Unsplash / Pixabay

You prepared for a huge opportunity you could not pass up.  The position has your name on it. Your checklist is completed. A crafted vision of perfection.  On the night before this highly anticipated event, you rehearse your spill. You know you are going to nail it. No one and nothing is going to stop you from snatching up this opportunity.

On the day of the event, you are experiencing a natural high. The time has come for you to get the whole thing over with because you have been obsessing over it for days. Traffic is unusually calm. The universe seems to be cooperating with you. You walk into the lobby and speak to the receptionist. The receptionist confirms your time and notifies the interviewer you have arrived. You sat down. A rush of heat overcomes your body as your name is called. You stand up, take a deep breath, and follow the interviewer into the office.

Confidence fills your body. You answer every question and give great eye contact. At the end of the interview, you thank the interviewer and you are told you will be contacted regarding your status within the next week. You walk out of the office and exhale. As you get closer to your car, you start feeling a bit of unease. You start wondering if you nailed the interview. Something is nagging at you. You cannot pinpoint it. You drive away.

After arriving home,  you enter the “waiting game” phase. The interviewer did state you would be contacted within the next week. You follow your regular routine while you wait for the answer. By the fifth day, you feel it is not going to be good news. You are ready to accept the outcome – good or bad. Of course, you want it to be good, but something tells you it just might not be.

The phone rings on the sixth day. You recognize the number and answer. The bomb is dropped. You managed to end the call with a thank you and a smile in your voice. After you hang up, you are devastated. You needed this opportunity. This opportunity was supposed to be yours. They rejected you.

Rejection is a tough pill to swallow. It does nothing for the self-esteem. However, there is no need to let rejection stop you from achieving your goals in life. Mourn the lost opportunity and move on. Look for that next great opportunity. If you do not find one that interests you, try creating your own opportunities. With today’s technology and your determination, you can be a success.