My Daughter Erased Me From Her Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes Placing mother and daughter relationships into one category isn’t an easy task. Many factors go into a mother and daughter relationship. Some may characterize these relationships into three categories: symbiotic, chaotic, or nonexistent. My relationship with my youngest daughter falls into the nonexistent category because my daughter erased me from her life. Back Story From […]

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Single Mothers Are Not Created the Same

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some people lump single mothers into the same category.  Also, these same people lump others into a particular category and live as biased individuals.  Hence, changing their minds for no one.  Consequently, their addiction to toxic thinking makes them similar to substance abusers. Single mothers come from different backgrounds.  And, some women choose the single […]

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Repeated Sermons for Wrong Decisions

Reading Time: 2 minutes Parental Sermons As a mother of four children, I’ve dealt with various personalities. My oldest child is ten years older than my youngest child. Believe me, my parenting style evolved over the years. Things I said I wouldn’t do or say, I ended up later contradicting myself. I’m sure other parents have experienced this. As […]

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