Impatient, Rude, and the Entitled

Reading Time: 2 minutes They say “patience is a virtue.” However, some people don’t count patience as something to practice. Being impatient appears to be a badge of honor worn by many. The Impatient These people express their impatience by: pulling out in front of someone without signaling, running red lights, breaking in line, murdering someone to get insurance […]

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Observing Marriage Vows

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Idea of Marriage Marriage is the union of two people joined together in love. When one thinks of marriage, their mind visions a wedding with family and friends as witnesses. The joy of dressing up and walking down the aisle sends shivers to some. Standing before the officiant and staring into one another’s eyes […]

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Modern-Day Hate

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hate has existed for years. History proves this. However, it seems hate has intensified. One only needs to go online, turn on their television, listen to the radio, or open their newspaper to reports of hate. Or worse yet, experience it in their neighborhoods and communities. Unfortunately, we live in a world of modern-day hate. […]

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Speaking Out

Reading Time: 3 minutes Powerless vs the Powerful Speaking out is hard to do when there is only a party of two and no visual or audio exists.  There is one with perceived power and the other perceived powerless.  What is the powerless to do? In most cases, the powerless puts the actions of the powerful into a little […]

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Freedom of Expression


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