What is Static Electricity?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever taken off a sweater and felt a shock as it went over your head? Or maybe when you took off your hat, your hair seemed “afraid” because it was standing straight up. If you’ve ever experienced something similar to these situations, you’ve most likely experienced the effects of static electricity. What is […]

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To Mask Or Not to Mask

Reading Time: 3 minutes The world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. You would think that wearing a face mask wouldn’t be an issue however there are people who feel that wearing one threatens their freedom and infringes upon their constitutional rights. Others think wearing a mask is unattractive. However, the CDC recommends wearing a face mask. What is the […]

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Poem: Chains

Reading Time: < 1 minute Times have changed, right? We now have the internet and tremendous wealth blanketing the world. However, some of us are left out to scrounge for scraps. See, some of us are shackled to a thing called debt and the lack of access to resources to get out of debt. The chains of debt grabs us […]

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Impatient, Rude, and the Entitled

Reading Time: 2 minutes They say “patience is a virtue.” However, some people don’t count patience as something to practice. Being impatient appears to be a badge of honor worn by many. The Impatient These people express their impatience by: pulling out in front of someone without signaling, running red lights, breaking in line, murdering someone to get insurance […]

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A Tactless Society

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Beauty of the Freedom of  Speech The First Amendment to the Constitution protects the right to freedom of speech. However, there are some instances where it’s not protected. As long as one stays within the parameters of the First Amendment and court decisions, they can say what they want and when they want thus […]

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The Mystique of Identical Twins

Reading Time: 3 minutes What are Identical Twins? They’re also known as monozygotic (MZ) twins and are created when a single egg is fertilized and splits into two. Therefore, they share genes and are the same sex. During gestation, they receive nourishment from their mother’s blood through the placenta and into their blood vessels in the umbilical cord which […]

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Freedom of Expression


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