What is Static Electricity?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever taken off a sweater and felt a shock as it went over your head? Or maybe when you took off your hat, your hair seemed “afraid” because it was standing straight up. If you’ve ever experienced something similar to these situations, you’ve most likely experienced the effects of static electricity. What is […]

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Impatient, Rude, and the Entitled

Reading Time: 2 minutes They say “patience is a virtue.” However, some people don’t count patience as something to practice. Being impatient appears to be a badge of honor worn by many. The Impatient These people express their impatience by: pulling out in front of someone without signaling, running red lights, breaking in line, murdering someone to get insurance […]

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The Mystique of Identical Twins

Reading Time: 3 minutes What are Identical Twins? They’re also known as monozygotic (MZ) twins and are created when a single egg is fertilized and splits into two. Therefore, they share genes and are the same sex. During gestation, they receive nourishment from their mother’s blood through the placenta and into their blood vessels in the umbilical cord which […]

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How to Purchase Dividend Stocks

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you looking to get into the investing game? Maybe, you should start by purchasing dividend stocks to start your portfolio. Your portfolio will contain your stocks and any other future investments. They’re essential to a well-rounded investment portfolio. What Are Dividend Stocks? Before getting into what they are, you may wonder what a dividend […]

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The Mighty Quotation Marks

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do commas and periods go on the inside of the quotation marks or on the outside? It’s a question I continuously ask myself when I write dialogue. It baffles me why I can’t remember such a rule. Quotation Marks This set of punctuation marks are useful in highlighting the beginning and end of a quoted […]

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