Just a Shred of Hope

Reading Time: < 1 minute Time goes by at lightning speed. You’re caught up in the day-to-day and don’t realize time is passing you by. You live each day in your special way with hopes and dreams for another day. When things in life go awry, you try hard not to cry. The overwhelming pain consumes your mind and dampens […]

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Poem: Less Than

Reading Time: < 1 minute You hear the noise. It’s in your ears. Designer this. Designer that. I got to have the best. I’m wearing the best. Words and proclamations litter the airwaves and dominate everyday life. And, here you are. You don’t cave in to the fancier things in life. Your consideration involves necessity and functionality. Does this make […]

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What in the Stars?

Reading Time: 2 minutes What are Stars? Born within the clouds of dust and scattered throughout galaxies. Most widely recognized astronomical objects. Represent the fundamental building blocks of galaxies. Responsible for the manufacture and distribution of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. Fueled by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen to form helium within them. Central to the field of astronomy. The […]

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All About the Planets

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is a Planet? According to the International Astronomical Union in 2006, a planet must orbit a star, have gravity to force it into a spherical shape, and have cleared away other similar-sized objects near its orbit around the Sun. Therefore, a planet is a celestial body that accomplishes those three things. Three Categories in […]

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Freedom of Expression


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