Is America Going Backward?

Is America Going Backward?
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America is experiencing a reversal in the progress made by those who fought for change in the past.  Logging onto the internet exposes you to America’s activities.  You’ll view these stories as positive or negative.

Opposing forces are at work.  Some politically motivated and others passionately motivated.  In addition, there’s a group of people, who just want to live their life quietly without interference.  I fall into that group and respect others’ right to their beliefs.  I don’t attempt to force my beliefs on others.  Also, others shouldn’t attempt to force their beliefs.

America:  The Land of Opportunity

America is a melting pot.  Its citizens originate from all areas of the world.  America’s claimed as the land of opportunity.  Yet, this appears to be changing.  Limiting opportunity is unAmerican.  What if current Americans’ ancestors were denied admittance to America?  What would Lady Liberty say?

America:  The Right to Vote

The Fifteen Amendment to the Constitution declares the right for Americans to vote.  There are guidelines to follow to exercise the right to vote.  As long as these guidelines are followed, there shouldn’t be an issue.  However, they are some who challenge the voting system.  Some believe it’s compromised.  Others want to control who votes.

Is America Going Backward?
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America:  The Right to Bear Arms

The Second Amendment to the Constitution declares the right for Americans to own guns.  People have the right to defend themselves.  Having the right to own a gun or guns don’t give the gun owner the right to abuse their rights.  Shooting someone because you don’t like them or are mad at them is wrong and illegal.  Extending those gun ownership rights to someone who may not be mentally able to handle those rights could result in deadly consequences.

America:  Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment to the Constitution declares the right to the freedom of speech.  Every American has a right to their beliefs and to express their beliefs.  This doesn’t mean that a person can burn down a neighbor’s house or spray paint graffiti on the neighbor’s house because of the neighbor’s nationality, religious beliefs, or skin color isn’t the same. Actions like these and other actions are hate crimes, which are illegal and morally wrong.

Defamation, Slander, and Libel is a challenge for the First Amendment.  Some citizens commit these offenses.  Others want to weaken the laws.  Resulting in them mistreating others. It’s the survival of the mightier tongue.

Adults and children practice bullying.  It makes you wonder if the bully ever matures.  I wonder how many children, who were bullies, grew up to be adult bullies.  Bullying takes lives.

America:  Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Americans should have the right to exercise their choice of sexual orientation and gender identity.  To deny citizens their right to be human is wrong.  People have their preferences.  Some people prefer flashy lifestyles as opposed to paycheck-to-paycheck living.  Others prefer to have multiple sex partners while others are monogamous.  Why do some people find it in their heart to be cruel for no reason?  Why should someone’s preferences be a concern to others?  To see people in a negative light because of who they love and how they identify themselves is wrong.  It’s the content of their character that matters.  You can’t put those who commit crimes all in one category because there are different levels of crimes and different types of people, who commit those crimes.  People who view others negatively without a valid reason exercise bias.

Is America Going Backward?
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America:  The Pros and Cons of Abortion

History shows what happened when women had illegal abortions.  Legalized abortion has guidelines in place.  To defund an organization that provides family planning and other women’s health services because they may provide abortion services may pacify some, but hurts others.

What are people to do when they can’t afford medical services?  Humans will be humans.  Most people at some point in their lives will have sex.  Hopefully, they’ll practice protected sex.  If not, sexually transmitted diseases and the number of single parents rise. Abortion restriction causes women to seek ways to not have a child.

Should women have children they don’t want?  Some may say, the mothers should’ve practiced abstinence or had protected sex.  True.  Maybe, these mothers didn’t have access to affordable health care for birth control pills.   Many say adopt the children.  What if these children don’t fit the mold of adoptable children?  Now, you have unwanted children in the foster care system.  What type of childhood will these children have? More importantly, what type of adults will they become? Especially, if they don’t have anyone who cares about them.

America: The Environment

Regulations were put in place to protect the environment and its citizens.  Weakening regulations pose harm to Americans and show the lack of compassion for human life.  Polluted air and water systems negatively affect citizens.  Pretending there’s no climate change and no need for regulations destroys the future of America.  Therefore, more deaths occur due to a dangerous living environment.  What good is higher company profits if the people die at an alarming rate.  Furthermore, companies may experience reduced profits because of increased deaths and no one patronizing their businesses.

America:  The Voice of the People

Weakening the rights of millions for the sake of a few is unAmerican.  Running for public office and not speaking for the good of the people is the lack of compassion.  Controlling the supply of money and forsaking the people won’t bode well.  Getting rid of poor people and working-class people by possibly restricting their access to affordable healthcare and jobs that pay a wage that actually covers their bills and perhaps enable them to save and/or invest is inhumane.

Setbacks won’t silence the Americans who love America and people.  They’ll fight against injustices and do what they can to preserve what has made America great.  Americans can save an imperfect America from deterioration.