Abusing 911 to Aid Bias

Abusing 911 to Aid Bias
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It’s 2018. America is going through a time where some citizens deem it necessary to call the police on individuals, who don’t look like them. Many times, these suspicious individuals are sitting by the pool, firing up a barbecue grill, or mowing the lawn. These calls weren’t life-endangering calls. The people who made these calls had nothing better to do with their time. Abusing 911 is their new pastime.

Abusing 911 with Unnecessary Phone Calls

Traditionally, municipalities designated 911 for emergency calls. Police departments have budgets and only a certain number of officers to police the neighborhoods. Usually, when calls came into the 911 Dispatch Center that was non-emergency, the 911 operator told the caller to call the non-emergency number.

Somehow, this has changed. Some people have decided that the easiest way for them to feel secure in their space is to call the police. Never mind the fact that the person they’re calling the police on isn’t posing a threat to them. In their twisted thinking, they think if someone has a different hue than them, then they shouldn’t be in their space. Thus, they call the police to ease their imaginary fears.

Taking a Look in the Mirror

When these stories hit the headlines, it leaves many people thinking about the people making the calls. What was going through their minds? You can’t even give some of these sticky finger 911 callers the benefit of the doubt. Most of the calls were an unwarranted waste of taxpayers’ dollars and exposed as instances of biased behavior.

Fortunately, cell phones and social media put these biased individuals on blast for the world to see. Unfortunately, some have lost their jobs for their biased behavior. Maybe, this gives them an opportunity to look at themselves and question why they made such unnecessary calls. Additionally, they should put themselves in the other person’s shoes. How would they feel if someone called the police on them for just existing and tending to their own business?

Maybe, There’s a Need for Diversity Counseling

America’s known to the be the melting pot. However, it appears some people don’t like the diversity that America has. Some have crawled out of their biased existence and decided they must do something to combat diversity. News flash. America is diverse. The diversity isn’t going to decrease with your pointless 911 calls.

Parents used to teach children to be kind and considerate of others. Maybe, these adults’ parents didn’t teach them to be considerate of others. Perhaps, their teachings included possessing biased behavior. Unfortunately, their parents didn’t prepare them for life outside their living space.

Once they venture outside their homes, diversity smacks them in the face. Diversity may be emotionally shocking to them. It may run up their blood pressure and escalate their fears. So, they go to their nearest pacifier, the cell phone. However, instead of consulting 911, they need to consult diversity counseling. Diversity Counseling could be beneficial in helping them control their biased angst.

What Happened to America’s Values?

When people thought of America, the land of opportunity came to mind. What happened to the Bill of Rights? How about respect for others’ freedom to exist? It seems to be dissipating with each passing day. Unnecessary calls to 911 expose the individuals who don’t uphold America’s values. Abusing 911 isn’t an American value.