A Tactless Society

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A Tactless Society
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The Beauty of the Freedom of  Speech

The First Amendment to the Constitution protects the right to freedom of speech. However, there are some instances where it’s not protected. As long as one stays within the parameters of the First Amendment and court decisions, they can say what they want and when they want thus participating in a tactless society.

Most people have a general idea of what to say in any given situation. However, there are others who show no tact. They say whatever comes to mind without a second thought which makes them tactless.

Living in a Tactless Society

It’s the year 2020. The days when comedians ruled the land in making off-color jokes and receiving laughter that resounded throughout comedy clubs and theaters are gone. Now they must watch what they say to avoid backlash.

With the freedom of speech comes freedom of expression. From the bible-thumpers to the free-lovers, a range of thoughts and lifestyles scatter the world. You expect this in a non-autocratic country. However, the levels of hypocrisy rise when one condemns others when they’re guilty of misdeeds themselves.

Why do some feel that it’s necessary to say mean things about others but are appalled if someone says some mean things about them? Wouldn’t it be better to remain silent if you don’t have something good to say? In theory, this is the best way to not fuel negativity however some people may harbor undiagnosed personality disorders.

The Social Media Effect

Social media allows freedom of expression and facilitates lightning speed communication. It’s easy for keyboard gangsters to terrorize others.

Some with nothing better to do will say mean things to evoke a response with the goal of garnering likes and reposts. They either fail to realize that they’re targeting real people or don’t care about others’ feelings. The impact of this meanness could lead to deadly consequences. Hence, they’re willing participants in cyberbullying.

Participating in the social media world is not for the weak. You could post an innocent picture and someone could make disparaging remarks. Then the bandwagoners jump in and intensify the situation. Do you respond, ignore, or turn off the comments? How connected do you want to be in this tactless society?