Monthly Archives: May 2017

Poem: It Hurts

Sometimes the pain never goes away. It creeps up on you like you are its prey. It brings you down when you are all alone. It tries its best to make you its home. It makes you cry deep inside. It exposes feelings so deep you tried to hide. Memories of hurt still felt and […]

Poem: Choices

In life, we must make choices. Choices to love and choices to hate. Choices are a fact of life. They are non-avoidable and inevitable. Care must be exercised in the choices we make. Once a choice is made there is no turning back. We must live with the consequences, whether good or bad. We must […]

Poem: Yield Not to Temptation

Temptation appears at any time. It is a desire for something you do not need. Sometimes the desire is so strong, it is hard to resist. Mental activity is at an utmost high. Should I or should I not? Consideration must be given for the consequences. There may be a high price to pay for […]

Political Aspirations Taken For Granted

For many years, I took politics for granted. I exercised an out of sight out of mind attitude. For the most part, I saw politics as the government with appointed officials.  I took the political aspirations of others for granted. Since I was not part of the top 10%, I figured I had no real […]

Poem: Keeping the Faith

Every day I think about what happened that day. I keep a mental picture of everything I do. I notice how people act toward me day by day. I see how humans can quickly change their ways. One day a friend, the next day an enemy. What shall I do? Shall I give up totally […]

Poem: Faith

Faith is belief in the unseen. Faith is dedication to the spirit. Faith is living in the positive. Faith is perseverance toward good. Faith is uplifting to the mind. Faith is prayer to the almighty, power through preservation, and denial of evil.

Poem: Patience is A Virtue

Patience is a virtue and waiting can be burdensome. Minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days. They say good things come to those who wait. Sometimes waiting can be time consuming. It angers the mind and complicates the wait. Patience is a virtue and is often compromised. Patience should be practiced in all we do. […]

Poem: Turning Point

When you reach the point in your life when nothing can affect you, and you have strong self-confidence, and you rely solely on yourself and faith in the Lord, and you strive to fulfill your dreams, and you live for you, you have reached the turning point of self-actualization. You have realized the importance of being happy […]

Poem: A Sense of Connection

Once a couple, now apart. Two people connected by offspring, connected by a past, connected by a feeling that will always last. How will they know what their feelings mean? Signs will come and actions will gleam. These feelings may be mistaken for love and may be mistaken for opportunity. Nevertheless, they exist as feelings, […]

Poem: After the Pain

After everything is said and done, will our love have won? Something so good that did not last because we both held on to the past. After all we have been through, does our love hold true? Can it be that it was real, the love we feel? Could it be that things were wrong? […]