Monthly Archives: April 2017

Teachers Bullying Student

What happens in the world we live in today is absolutely unbelievable.  When I was young I, like many, had a bully.  And like many, it hurt me.  I felt alone, afraid, distraught.  I, like many, never told the teachers about what was happening to me, and I had to go to my mother who […]

Poem: Be Careful What You Do

Be careful what you do because someone is always watching you. A past deed always has a way of resurfacing, creeping up on you when you least suspect, and causing pain and turmoil. You tried so hard to hide the feeling you kept inside. The deed is out in the open for all to see. […]

Repeated Sermons for Wrong Decisions

As a mother of four children, I have dealt with various personalities. My oldest child is ten years older than my youngest child. Believe me, my parenting style evolved over the years. Things I said I would not do or say, I ended up later contradicting myself. I am sure there are other parents, who […]

Poem: Insatiable Desire

I met you so long ago. You were a stranger I wanted to know. There was something about you I had to know. I had to feel your touch. I wanted you that much. There you were my insatiable desire. Someone who set my heart on fire. The passion we felt was beyond compare. The […]

Poem: Holding Back the Tears

The voices. The warnings. The temptations. The consequences. Oh how it feels to be in despair. Everything seems to go awry leaving you frustrated, nauseated, and defeated. You want to scream. You want to cry. You want to punch out the wall and die, but you cannot give in that easily to the downturns in […]

Poem: Break the Ice

Tension escalating. Solemn looks. No conversation. People sitting in a room. Not a sound can be heard. It is a roomful of human robots waiting to be activated. A brave soul initiates conversation. A response is given, and the ice has been broken.

Poem: To Be Narcissistic

Boast. Brag. Lie. Cheat. This is all in a day’s work for the Narcissistic being who walks in human form. Denounce. Ridicule. Impart your superiority complex. You are such a small human being, who is filled with nagging insecurities. Only the sane see you for who you are. Your admirers share your afflictions. May God […]

Poem: The Rebel

The rebel goes against the grain. The rebel is opinionated and determined. The rebel is without a cause. The rebel is an outcast in society. The rebel is an innovator and confident in own thoughts and ideas. The rebel rejects the norms. The rebel lives life according to own standards and defines true happiness.

Poem: Standing Up For You

There are times when you may feel yourself becoming sad, then perhaps mad, but you find yourself pondering why. Deep down you know, but you do not want to admit it. Could it be that you have lost your way? Trusted in the wrong people? Made the wrong decisions? Did you let those thoughts and […]

Poem: Selling Yourself Short

Life’s span is indeterminable and should be enjoyed to the fullest. When you accept status quo, instead of aspiring for more, you are selling yourself short, and giving up dreams and ambitions. You do not achieve the goals necessary for fulfillment and live a life of misery.