Monthly Archives: February 2017

Poem: Remembering Nature

The wind gently blows the leaves as the birds chirp away. The summer heat strengthens its power as the shade of the trees restricts its reach. The beauty of nature surrounds the city as the people go about their day. A mother takes her child to the park to burn some of the energy away. […]

Poem: The Path to Success

The path to success is sometimes a turbulent road. Obstacles come along and throw you a curve. You veer to the right to avoid impact but sometimes you are struck anyway. You come out without a scratch but cautiously proceed on. Before you know it, your goal is reached and success you have won.

Poem: With This Breath I Do Take

With this breath, I do take full control of my life. I must not let the pain of the past overshadow my future. I promise to forgive my enemies and forgive myself for my transgressions. For every day I wake, I promise the Lord I will make it great. I will no longer allow myself […]

Poem: Persistence

Persistence is resistance to distraction. It is diligence to a cause. It is never giving up until a goal is reached. It is strong determination and undying will. It is hard work and dedication. It is irrepressible strength. It is extraordinary desire. It is extreme focus and not accepting no for an answer.

Poem: Sometimes I Feel Like My World is Tumbling Down

Sometimes I feel like my world is tumbling down. Then I realize I could not even be around. I wonder how I could have been such a fool. I was a fool, a fool in love. I loved this man with all of my heart. However, circumstances tore us apart. Sometimes I wonder how I […]

Poem: Words Cannot Describe

Words cannot describe the depth of your touch, or the feeling it sends throughout my body. I look in your eyes, and I see your heart. I feel your pain, and I feel your love. The times we share brings such happiness taking me to a time unknown. Words cannot describe how much I love […]

Poem: Sometimes

Sometimes the burdens become so great. Too great, sometimes for the heart to bear. In those times an ear is needed to listen, to confide in, to console. When that ear is not easily found, the Lord’s ear is always around. He is non-judgmental and always there. Through undying faith the Lord will heal that […]