10 Ways to Avoid the Energy Drain

10 Ways to Avoid the Energy Drain

Have you ever had that friend, co-worker, relative, or maybe a stranger that found you feeling positive but left you feeling drained? If you have, you received their negative energy and experienced an energy drain.

Sometimes, depending on the relationship, we don’t spot the connection immediately. However, we might see the connection and remain in denial because we don’t want to sever any relationships.

Nevertheless, time will go on and the feelings could manifest into an ugliness we no longer can deny.

Acknowledge What Gives You Energy

You’re an entity of you. No one knows you better than you. So, get to know yourself better. What makes you smile and be happy? How do you like for your environment to be? Find out what gives you energy. Then, take note. You’ll need it daily to maintain your doses of energy.

Surround Yourself with Positive Aspirations

Some positive words can go a long way in motivating you to achieve something great. Once you’ve pinpointed what you want to accomplish. Take action. Keep motivational quotes near to assist you in staying positive and focused.

Weed Out the Braggarts in Your Life

What do you do about braggarts? Well, these pesky individuals live their lives boasting about their achievements and acquisitions. It seems they haven’t learned the skill of sharing news without isolating others. Their purpose in life is to be a walking billboard for the finer things in life. They’re the ultimate walking salespeople.

Some don’t realize how materialistic they are while others are fully aware. It’s up to you to accept or reject their presence. If you’re tired of their incessant chatter, find a way to politely distance yourself from them. Removing them from your space allows you more time to focus on your goals.

Listen to and Observe Others

Show consideration to others without losing yourself. It’s a wise practice to listen to others. While you’re listening and afterward, observe their actions. Do they practice what they preach?

If you see hypocrisy raising its ugly head, you may need to distance yourself from them. Spending time with people who don’t drink their own kool-aid is a time waster. Thus, it makes their words meaningless.

Celebrate and Know Your Worth

Holding a positive opinion of yourself is vital to your growth as an individual. Know your strengths and shortcomings. Highlight your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

If there is something that you don’t know how to do, do an internet search and learn how to do it.

However, there’s nothing wrong with paying others to perform tasks for you. This aids in freeing up your time and allows you to utilize your full potential.

Determine Who’s Worth Your Time

People enter and exit your life for different reasons. It’s up to you to determine who’s essential.

In the case of relatives, you can’t choose who’s related to you. However, you may have a say in how much interaction you have with them. It depends on how close they’re related to you.

Sometimes, that doesn’t even matter. Negative people exist everywhere. Your sanity and self-worth are on the line. Choose accordingly.

Make No Excuses for Genuineness

Being genuine isn’t a bad thing and don’t apologize for it. Genuineness keeps your goals in check. You want to be true to yourself while being true to others.

This doesn’t mean blabbing every detail of your life. It means you stand for what you believe and aren’t a flip-flopper.

While being genuine, keep an eye out for frauds. Sometimes, they tiptoe around you and try to exploit your goodness.

Get and Keep Your Body and Mind in Tip-Top Shape

Incorporating healthy eating, physical activity, and activities to stimulate your mind is important to maintain positivity in your life. Your body is a temple and should be treated as such.

The more physically and mentally fit you are, the greater you’ll be in stopping any negativity that may come your way.

Understand and Believe You Matter

You’re important even when others think you aren’t. Don’t let the naysayers discourage you.

Let each day be a new day to finish the battles of the previous day. Make every moment count.

Besides, you have only one life to live and live it to the fullest. Be wise in your decision-making and embrace life.

Stopping Energy Drain in its Tracks

You have the power to stop energy drain in its tracks. Exercise your right to tranquility. Let your positive energy rise above the negative energy.

Negative energy is like that pesky mosquito flying near you. You see it and try to eliminate it. The fear of getting bit consumes your body. Adrenaline kicks in and you conquer the pest.

Build up a force field against negative energy. Identify the signs of negativity. Once you’re alerted to the negative force, activate the force field and exist in an postitive atmosphere.